The Fox Focus Spring/Summer 2017 | Page 2

Research QUIZ: WHICH CLINICAL TRIAL TOOL IS RIGHT FOR YOU? Clinical research is the final, critical stage of the long scientific path to improved therapies and cures for Parkinson’s disease (PD). Yet according to National Institute of Health data, 85 percent of all trials face significant delays, and 30 percent never get off the ground, due to an ongoing lack of volunteers. Anyone, with or without PD, can take part. Answer these simple questions and we’ll point you toward the right first step. YES HAVE YOU BEEN GENETICALLY TESTED AND DID THE TEST REVEAL THAT YOU CARRY A LRRK2 OR GBA MUTATION? Though relatively few cases of Parkinson’s are believed to result from genetic mutations like LRRK2 and GBA, genetic research is vital to pinpointing biological clues about PD that could benefit everyone with the disease. YES NO The Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative (PPMI) is the Foundation’s landmark study in search of a Parkinson’s biomarker. LEARN MORE AT MICHAELJFOX.ORG/PPMI DO YOU HAVE PARKINSON’S DISEASE? NO YES ARE YOU OF ASHKENAZI JEWISH DESCENT? Ashkenazim and certain other ethnic groups are at increased risk of Parkinson’s from mutations in the LRRK2 or GBA genes, as compared to the general population. YES NO Fox Trial Finder is the “” of clinical studies and will connect you to trials that are right for you. SEARCH FOR STUDIES NEAR YOU AT FOXTRIALFINDER.ORG 2 The Fox Focus ARE YOU OVER 45, WITH A FIRST-DEGREE RELATIVE (FATHER, MOTHER, FULL SIBLING OR CHILD) WHO HAS OR HAD PARKINSON’S? NO OR Fox Insight is a digital platform and dynamic online clinical study to leverage “patient power” by building a large, diverse cohort providing data on the lived experience of Parkinson’s disease. ENROLL AT FOXINSIGHT.ORG