The Fox Focus Fall/Winter 2018

GOVERNOR ED RENDELL SHARES HIS STORY on page 9 FOCUS ON PARKINSON’S Two New Parkinson’s Drugs Approaching Market FDA set to rule on novel treatments funded by MJFF in early development Editor’s note: As this newsletter went to print, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was reviewing two experimental drugs to treat “off” times in Parkinson’s. If approved, they would be the first treatments directly funded by The Michael J. Fox Foundation to come to market. For many people with Parkinson’s, “off ” episodes — when disabling symptoms come back before it is time for the next dose of oral levodopa — are among the most troubling aspects of the disease. Now, two entirely new drug formulations with potential to alleviate “off ” episodes may have reached the home stretch of their long journey to market. The FDA is expected to rule on an inhaled powder formulation of levodopa (with delivery similar to an asthma inhaler) and an under-the-tongue “Listerine strip” formulation of apomorphine in January 2019. In a 2014 MJFF survey of more than 3,000 respondents, nearly 50 percent reported that “off ” episodes moderately or severely impacted their ability to perform daily tasks. “The approvals of these drugs would represent a milestone in our ‘de-risking’ strategy,” said MJFF CEO Todd Sherer, PhD. “In urgent pursuit of improved treatment options for patients, we work to identify and fund the most promising ideas. The goal is to keep them moving forward in development and help drugmakers attract the deep resources needed to get new treatments across the finish line.” (continued on page 2) 06 Research News Briefs 08 In This Issue The Need for Research in Policymaking 10 14 Dr. Dolhun Talks “Off” Time in PD Fundraising Tips from Team Fox Pros Fall/Winter 2018 THE FOX