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14 Fox Focus | Living with Parkinson ’ s

Dr . Dolhun Talks PD

MJFF ’ s MD Gains New Expertise to Even Better Serve the Parkinson ’ s Community

Rachel Dolhun , MD , DipABLM , senior vice president , medical communications Ethan Henderson , senior associate director , Advancement
Rachel Dolhun , MD , MJFF ’ s senior vice president of medical communications , is a fellowship-trained movement disorder specialist and board-certified neurologist . Known for her Ask the MD blogs and videos , Dr . Dolhun recently added a new credential — lifestyle medicine physician .
Ethan Henderson , who lives with Parkinson ’ s and is a MJFF staffer and Team Fox fundraiser , sat down with Dr . Dolhun to learn more about this accreditation , and how it can support people with Parkinson ’ s , like him , in their disease journey .
EH : Let ’ s start with the basics . What is lifestyle medicine ?
RD : Lifestyle medicine aims to optimize our everyday activities as tools to treat — and in
some cases , even prevent — disease . It focuses on six core concepts : movement , diet , stress management , sleep , connecting with others and limiting potentially harmful substances , like alcohol .
EH : We Parkies are always looking for new tools . How can lifestyle medicine help us ?
RD : It offers a fresh perspective on the basics and practical tools — ones you have at your disposal — to truly live as well as you possibly can with the disease . Many people with Parkinson ’ s share that they feel a lack of control , especially at diagnosis or when disease progresses . This is where lifestyle medicine offers empowering , personalized options to help you take action . It puts you in the driver ’ s seat and lets you steer the direction of your journey .
The medical information contained in this newsletter is for general information purposes only . The Michael J . Fox Foundation for Parkinson ’ s Research has a policy of refraining from advocating , endorsing or promoting any drug therapy , course of treatment , or specific company or institution . It is crucial that care and treatment decisions related to Parkinson ’ s disease and any other medical condition be made in consultation with a physician or other qualified medical professional .