The Fox Focus 2021 Spring/Summer - Page 4

2 The Power of Community

A Note from Debi and Todd

Welcome to this special edition of The Fox Focus celebrating the power of the nationwide and global Parkinson ’ s community .
As Michael has said , no one becomes part of this community by choice . Diagnosis with Parkinson ’ s disease ( PD ) frequently comes as a shock . It takes time to process the news , and to seek out people , resources and support to help with the Parkinson ’ s journey .
Nonetheless , once they are here , many find the PD community to be a source of comfort , friendship and extraordinary richness . We ’ ve heard time and again that finding your Parkinson ’ s people can transform every aspect of living with the disease — mental , physical and emotional — for the better .
And that matters , because Parkinson ’ s research needs your help ! A renaissance is under way at the lab bench and in the medical clinic . The next five to seven years are critical ones for people and families with PD . Parkinson ’ s research and development is rapidly accelerating , with dozens of potential new medicines in human studies and approaching regulatory approval . With your participation , we can take things to the next level .
Here are just a few ways members of the PD community are already actively helping themselves — and everyone living with PD — today at michaeljfox . org :
+ The Foundation ’ s landmark clinical study , the Parkinson ’ s Progression Markers Initiative , is enrolling people with and without Parkinson ’ s . Get started just by answering a few short questions online . Men over age 60 are especially needed . Read more on page 4 .
+ Our Parkinson ’ s Buddy Network is a brandnew way to meet other people and families living with Parkinson ’ s . Browse different interests , find a mentor or simply hear from others on how they are coping and even thriving with PD . Read more on page 6 .
+ Choosing to see the right kind of doctor — a movement disorder specialist — can open up a new world of treatment options and support to better manage a wider range of Parkinson ’ s symptoms , both movement- and non-movement-related .
We want to do more to help you take active steps into the Parkinson ’ s community . That ’ s why we recently announced an important shift in our leadership team . After 10 tremendous