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Here are a few ways to be mindful :
Focus on your breath .
Throughout the day ( especially when you are stressed ), pause for a few seconds or minutes to pay attention to your breathing . You can count as you breathe in and out with your hand on your belly or chest to feel the rise and fall . Or simply sit quietly and notice , without judgment , how your body feels .
Write a gratitude list .
Each day ( ideally before checking your email or phone ), write a list of three to five things or people that you are grateful for and why . Be specific . This can set a positive frame of mind as you move throughout the day ( and life in general ). As Michael J . Fox says , “ With gratitude , optimism is sustainable .”
Meditate .
Many kinds of meditation can be done in five minutes or less . They might have you focus on the breath , build feelings of love and compassion toward yourself and others , or repeat an empowering mantra . You can even meditate while walking , drinking coffee , or doing the dishes . ( Many online courses and smartphone apps offer free or low-cost guided meditation .)
Look around you .
Take a moment to stop and really absorb your surroundings . What do you see , hear , feel , and even smell or taste ?
Do mindful exercise .
A variety of exercises can decrease symptoms and potentially even slow disease progression . Certain activities , such as yoga , Tai Chi and Pilates , combine physical activity and breath work , which may be particularly helpful in easing stress . Online classes and smartphone apps offer exercises for people of all ages and skill levels .
Pick one or two practices , do them regularly for a few days or weeks , and see how you feel . If your stress and other symptoms seem unchanged , experiment with others until you find the best fit for you .
“ For me , it doesn ’ t need deep meaning ; it can just be a pleasant experience to help me feel a little better or showing gratitude to family and friends ,” says Dan Kinel , who was diagnosed with Parkinson ’ s in 2013 . “ The simple things are often the most satisfying . Being present in the moment or with others who are there with me in the moment is incredibly powerful .”
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