The Fox Focus 2021 Spring/Summer - Page 14

12 The Power of Engagement

Advocating for the Parkinson ’ s Community

The Foundation is working closely with a new Congress and a new administration to speed research and tangibly improve the lives of people with Parkinson ’ s . The federal government plays a significant leading role in biomedical research and access to care . But curing Parkinson ’ s disease is a team effort , and people impacted by Parkinson ’ s are a critical part of this collaboration .
This year , we are focused on increasing Parkinson ’ s research funding at the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense , as well as ensuring medications are affordable . To reach our goals , MJFF ’ s policy team meets regularly with Congress , we add our signature to coalition letters with hundreds of other organizations , and we lobby for the issues that matter most to the community . While these interactions are important , elected officials want to hear from you . As a constituent , you can illustrate through personal anecdotes what it ’ s like to live with Parkinson ’ s , or care for someone who does .
“ I ’ m new to advocacy and didn ’ t know how I could get involved in public policy . MJFF helped me realize the power of my story ,” said Lynn Hubert , a first-time public policy advocate in 2021 . “ I now have more resources to help me feel connected to doing something good for the community , and for myself .”
Grassroots advocacy looks a little different these days because of COVID-19 . In-person meetings are on hold , but members of Congress are still using email and social media to communicate with constituents .
With new leadership this year in Washington D . C ., now is a great time to build relationships with your members of Congress and their staff . We hope you ’ ll join us in leading critical change for the Parkinson ’ s community .
Use your voice to advocate for the needs of the Parkinson ’ s community . In less than a minute , you can email your Senators and Representative — visit advocate . michaeljfox . org to help us get closer to a cure .