The Fort Issue 12 June 2022 - Page 6



A Word From

the BOD Chair

Mr David Nyheim

The Strategic Plan covers the next five years and builds on solid foundations. Indeed, its headline aim is to “build on our strengths with courage, innovation, and ambition towards a sustainable future”. And ambition is visible across all the seven pillars of the strategy, which are to:

Innovate our teaching and learning;

Enable access to learning;

Nurture everyone’s well-being;

Take charge of our environmental responsibility;

Foster inclusive governance and community engagement;

Move to full IT integration; and

Ensure our financial sustainability.

We are well-placed to be ambitious. There’s a strong school leadership team and dynamic Board – and we have solid parent and staff expertise present in Board sub-committees. I’m hopeful that the new Verdala Parent Staff Organisation (the “Boosters” successor) will unlock further parent engagement in the school. In addition, as many of you know, the teacher and staff salary review now enables us to better attract and retain talent – and there’s a EUR2.5M investment we are making in School facilities over the next few years. The future for the Verdala community is bright.

I wish you all a restful and enjoyable summer – and look forward to welcoming you back in September 2022.


It’s the end of yet another scholastic year. We’ve had some beautiful days already and masks are finally off. For the Verdala Board of Directors, it’s been a busy year characterised by progress on many fronts. We had a great AGM, which saw our community approve long-awaited revisions to the School Statutes that set us on course to modernise how we govern ourselves. And we’ve now together defined the next Strategic Plan for Verdala.