The Fort Issue 12 June 2022 | Page 29


Here is an example of one of the poems from Grade 4:

The sun was shining a long time ago,

The soldiers are fighting fast not slow.

In 1565, there were men in the sea,

They were the Turks who made war like a sting of a bee.

The others were brave warriors who respected the Maltese rights,

Of course, after all, they were ‘The Knights’.

Cannon balls shooting up and down,

Lots of food underground.

In the watch tower, the knights so bold,

Fought in their armour, as heavy as gold.

The fort was built with strong thick walls,

But the Turks kept firing cannon balls.

Flying through the air were firey hoops,

Screaming in horror were the Ottoman troops.

2-3 days the Turks, they thought,

But it lasted 28 in which they fought.

Thankfully the knights had water in the well,

But it didn’t disguise the putrid smell.

Blasts, explosions and locked doors,

Dead bodies littered the floors.

Finally conquering the Knights had less dead

So what should they do? (PAUSE) They shot out the heads!


The Turks had the advantage, fighting in pairs,

But the injured knights were strapped to the chairs,

Fought wildly with the Turks on the stairs.

Dead warriors were thrown in the sea,

PHEW!… I am so glad it wasn’t me!

But we all must remember, it was because of them,

That Malta is such a gem.

This poem is one example of the beauty in Friday Focus, where students to have agency, and fostering their learning in a creative and unique way.

Friday Focus continues to be a fun way for the elementary classes to come together, learn about an important theme, and show their learning in a fun and creative way.