The Fort Issue 12 June 2022 - Page 28


May - Host Country

The beginning of May was all about celebrating our Host Country, Malta, and was Championed by Ms. Francesca and Ms. Hortense. The entry point started with a trivia created by grade four students, as they were learning all about Malta through their IPC unit on ‘Earth as an Island’, focusing on the history and geographical features of Malta. Afterwards, the champions revealed a surprise that each class would be going on a field trip to learn about Malta. To showcase their learning, each class was challenged to come up with a ‘Show and Tell’ about their field trip. The Show and Tell ended up being our first assembly, where after 2 years, each class got to perform in front of the rest of the elementary. There were a variety of creative ways that students shared their learning from speeches, posters, plays, poems, and creating crossword puzzles.