The Fort Issue 12 June 2022 | Page 26

Each Friday Focus in elementary was dedicated to exploring our school’s Diversity, Inclusion, and Well-Being Calendar. The month began with an entry point, a hook/introduction to the theme, and then the following sessions were dedicated to a student-centred approach engaging in the theme. This article will provide a snapshot of what Friday Focus looked like over the last couple of months. - Mr Michael and Ms Francesca

March’s Friday Focus theme was on Women’s History, and was championed by Ms. Chiara and Mr. Michael. The entry point started with students being asked to draw a firefighter, doctor, and pilot. After having time to draw the 3 figures, teachers were asked to tally up how many of the pictures were boys, girls, or nonspecific. We found that a majority of the students had drawn men. This led us into a discussion about the invisibility of women throughout time, thus the importance of a focus on Women’s History. The purpose of this month was for students to put a spotlight on women, as well as learn about gender and stereotypes. Students spent the month engaging in the discovery of significant women or exploring gender roles in society. They were able to choose what to focus on and how to share their learning. They came up with a range of creative ways to showcase Women’s History such as making board games, drama skits, and even coding video games!




March - Women's History