The Fort Issue 12 June 2022 - Page 20


Field trips

Over the past 2 years there have been a number of restrictions that have limited what Middle school students have been able to do during their IMYC Entry points. It was fortunate however that as the IMYC at Verdala draws to a close, students were able to once again participate in field trips linking to their final big ideas, as well as tying in with the VIS host country celebrations.

Grade 6 finished the year with the big idea of Creativity. They attended a morning at the craft Village in Ta' Qali, where they participated in various activities teaching them more about the traditional crafts found in Malta. They learnt about the history of pottery in Malta, and made their own bowls from clay, had a hands on tour of a candle making workshop and watched some glass blowing taking place.

Grade 7 spent a morning at Mdina exploring the big idea of Curiosity. They rotated through a series of activities; a dramatisation of Mdina's history with Ms Carter, a scavenger hunt learning of the geography of the silent city, a maths activity with Ms. Binda, collecting data and taking measurements of the main gate, and some sketching of the historic buildings at the bastions with Ms. Ogden.

For the Grade 8 Big idea of community, students took part in a beach clean up at Ghajn Tuffieha. During the clean up, students collected 15 black bags of plastic and other rubbish! They then spent some time on the beach, enjoying the litter free environment they had created.

It was truly a joy to be able to attend grade based field trips again. A big well done to the students, who represented the school in a positive manner and a thank you to the staff who helped!


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