The Fort Issue 12 June 2022 - Page 15


IB Learner Profile Award

Nina Olsen-Kullenberg

(Used to be called IB Chairman Award because it was donated by the previous Board Chairman, Mr de Cesare). This award ​recognises a student who best demonstrates the qualities of the IB Learner Profile. This award will be determined by the IBDP Coordinator​.

Citizenship Award:

Rana Alosta

​This award is given to one student who displays strong qualities of leadership, service and character.​ This award is determined by G12 Homeroom teachers.

Head of School Award:

Maria Cassar Torreggiani

The Head of School award is generally given to a Grade 12 student who "is worthy of receiving an award but who doesn't meet the statistical criteria". It is usually, but not always, given to someone who has no discipline issues, who is reasonably strong academically, who has good effort grades, and who has made ​a contribution to the school - whether that is through their ongoing presence and participation in the life of the school, or for one single contribution of specific significance.​ In other words - someone worthy and of note, someone we are proud to recognise as a graduate from VIS, but whose strengths do not line up with any other award.


Salutatorian Award

Maria Cassar-Torreggiani

Awarded to the students with the second top average scores over the past two years.