The Fort Issue 11 March 2022 | Page 8

different countries and across many different curriculums, I see my role as finding the best fit for each student and family. My own experience as a student made me appreciate life and learning within the context of the school day. The process of continuing education needs to match with the future goals of the student, blending expectations and reality. This balance can be overwhelming and tricky to navigate. While I don’t have all of the answers, I am here to help families explore the options, to seek advice, and to disseminate information that may meet varied families needs.

Where do students begin this journey?

As each situation is different, I suggest starting by talking to your child about their current interests, about course selections in high school, to select experiences that are challenging, diverse and showcase their talents. Outside of school activities

Although competitions are still not as frequent as they were pre-Covid-19, Lara is very much looking forwards to the time when there will be multiple international events to compete in. There is a lot of drive to get good results in the hope of possible qualification for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, France.

With such ambitions in place, we are sure we will be seeing more of Lara!


activities are always an important part of building reference points for future interests as well as a way to showcase students’ personalities, and skills. There is not just a one size fits all formula, but there is always a path towards having your child reach their future goals. Careers and courses have really opened up over the last decade and students have so many opportunities to experience. Malta has many experiences for students; it is a relatively small community so access is attainable and yet the variety found here is a varied blend of cultures and careers, really offering something for everyone. The changes they may experience post-VIS are exciting but also different from what even those graduating 5 years ago knew. Keeping in touch with graduates from previous years, I’ve observed that a varied skill set allows students to adapt and grow yet still stay true to their overall interests. It is rewarding to see the many accomplishments that lie in store for our students.