The Fort Issue 11 March 2022 | Page 5


A Word From

the Head of School


Ms Totty Aris

At VIS we have a robust anti-discrimination policy that underpins our decision-making, our response to discriminatory behaviour and guides our educational programmes. However, talking the talk and walking the walk are two different things and ensuring we are all on the same page is a more complex matter.

One way we tackle this is through our diversity calendar, a monthly deep-dive approach across the whole school that gives our community time to reflect, consider our own behavior, see the world through other eyes and acknowledge what could be done better. We have covered bullying, neurodiversity and most recently BIPOC awareness, followed by Women’s History month and our Pride month. Each year this will have a different approach as we hope to build on our learning and understanding. As a school, we acknowledge that this is an evolving journey, we are a cultural mix of 47 nationalities with so many different perspectives and global influences. Inquiry-driven teaching and learning is about asking questions and going on that journey of discovery.