The Fort Issue 11 March 2022 | Page 3




A new season has began and recently, a new semester. Students have had well over 100 days of learning at school, and in elementary, they marked this event by focusing on activities to do with the number 100. Turn to page 27 to see these highlights.

While parts of the school moved to online learning after the holidays, we still had plenty of excitement happening in our school environment. Both middle and elementary students have dived deep to learn more about BIPOC month. See pages 16 and 22 to find out more. We also have a special feature on our college counselling services. Turn to page 7.

I'd also like to credit the grade 7 artist, Yagmur Gillini who designed this edition's front cover as part of her personal project.

Finally, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all our readers an enjoyable spring break.

Happy Reading