The Fort Issue 10 November 2021(clone) - Page 8



Anti-Bullying Week

As we step into November, VIS joins the rest of the world in celebrating Anti bullying week with the exception that we extended this campaign to a month. There is never enough time to talk to our students about being kind to each other. The theme of this year’s anti bullying campaign is One Kind Word, a simple yet effective way to convey our message.

Over the next few weeks activities, PSHE classes and advisory sessions will be aligned across the whole school to give us space on reiterating the importance of respecting one another.

Furthermore, one of the key messages to our students is to speak up when they experience bullying or observe someone being bullied. Homeroom Teachers will also be working with their students on raising awareness on anti bullying.

Lastly VIS was awarded with a certificate by bBrave for the creativity and enthusiasm with which anti-bullying activities were conducted last year.