The Float Tube Fishing Forum Volume: 6 Issue: 1 - Page 6

Double Fluke Rig AKA

Donkey Rig

What a fishing machine a double soft plastic rig or Double Fluke Rig or of course the Donkey Rig. What ever you call it it will produce so let's see how it is made.

What you will need is a few of your favorite worm hooks, 2 barrel swivel (ball baring) and leader material of your choice. Of course we cannot for get your favorite plastics as well.

This a very simple setup with some great action.

Step #1 Slide on one barrel swivel up the main line.

Step #2 Tie on the next swivel on the main line, this is the stopper for the first swivel that you slide on at the start.

Step #3 Tie a 20 to 22 inch leader on the mainline swivel with a worm hook at the end.

Step #4 Tie a 15 inch leader on the sliding

Swivel with a worm hook at the end.

Step #5 Attach your favorite Plastics

Step #6 Cast and twitch your rod tip

for some great double action in the


20 - 22 inch leader

Sliding swivel

15 inch leader


Stopper swivel

Learn to fish it on Page 11