The Float Tube Fishing Forum Volume: 6 Issue: 1 - Page 4

Float tube fishing fins leave your feet free

Your feet are free to walk and push off the bottom as required. The straps adjust so you can wear shinfin™ fins over waders and with water shoes. To minimize drag, water shoes should be streamlined and flexible (so you can point your toes), without heavy sole or heel areas. It is best to use the light, flexible water shoes designed for swimming and beach walking.

Kick to propel yourself backwards

The shinfin™ fins streamlined kick technique works well when used as float tube fishing fins. It is a kick similar technique if you are sitting in a float tube, pontoon, kick boat or belly boat. You kick to propel yourself backwards. You still kick from your hip, without bending your knees too much, even though your legs are of course sloping down in the water. Power comes from the big muscles in your thighs and torso without straining your calf muscles, ankles and feet like foot flippers.

Spin to turn around

Turning around is quite easy too – you kick forward with one leg and backward with the other to spin yourself around. And you can do all this smoothly, and without the fins breaking the surface, so there is minimal disturbance to the water to frighten the fish.

shinfin™ fins

Whats new in the Float Tube World

shinfin™ fins are a remarkable innovation, which will changed the game for float tube fishing!”