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This year 2021 with any luck will be nothing like 2020. This year for the FTFF we will be working on a reviving a few old items. We will be working on getting the old fashion gathering setup once again. Just a simple meet up and fish with good people. We will also be working on setting up our Tournament Series as well by the middle of the year. Finally we will be looking to bring back the FTFF Jack Pot event. Please be sure to watch for these things coming as well as the conversations we will be having to get prepared.

You may have noticed that we have opened a few new sections on the forum. "Books and Articles of Interest", "Fly Tying Corner" and Cooking Corner". If there is anything you think we should have on this site to discuss please don't hesitate to let us know what you would like to see on the as a new section on the forum.

Finally this year we will be promoting ourselves as Influencer's. This so far has brought us in connection with Bucks Bags, Water Proof Bags, ShinFin, and Slick Rods. We fill this is a new direction we can take to bring the newest and best products to the forum and its members.

I am sure this is not new but I thought I would share it anyway. I am sure we have all tubed in the cold. Weather that was so cold we could not eel our fingers or toes anymore. In thee types of conditions the extra thick socks and maybe a pair of gloves can only serve us so well.

Why not try a heating back in your waters and in your pockets There are all types and brands. In fact in most stores you can find these one time use self heating packs for pretty cheep. Just crack them shake the and place a pair in your waders don in the feet and in your jacket pockets. This will help fight the cold water and wind you might be dealing with as. and maybe get a few more hours out on the water.