The Float Tube Fishing Forum Volume: 6 Issue: 1 - Page 23

Some kind words about Bob from our FTFF Members

JohnnyB - Never met him but had watched his videos before I bought my first tube.

RIP Ornery Bob

inthedeep2 - RIP good man. Still have his handmade tubes, he will live on in my tube!

kin - RIP my friend. Still think his night time lobster attempt from the tube was amazing.

REELEAZY - R.I.P Ornery Bob. Good guy, i got allot of insight from him. He was a very generous man too. I was one of the few to sample his tube baits.

Mark G - Same story as many of you. Although I never met him, I feel, after watching and re-watching his videos, he was my float tube mentor. Very sad news.

GT - R.I.P. Fisher of Men, you are one of a few who shared their will be missed

SP Dan - Bob always threw out an "Open Invite"...

I liked that a lot about Bob ... he really enjoyed fishing and sharing his sessions with many others ... what a way to live Bob! I just want to shout-out ... "just one-last-cast!' ... to our late friend Ornery Bob! R.I.P. ..... Ornery BOB

david886720 - RIP Ornery Bob. It's nice to know he enjoyed fishing so much and sharing that enjoyment with others

Bob G - Ornery Bob's videos were a great help when I started fishing the bays a couple of years back. A wealth of information on launch points and so forth. He was very forthcoming. Besides, I enjoyed them. We communicated a few times. I knew he was going through some hard times; and reached out, but he did not take me up. I have had a bad feeling for awhile.

Troutbum - RIP Enjoyed watching his videos.

Jerdon - I had the pleasure of fishing with Bob at Perris a few years back. He was a blast to hang out with.

TobyB - Sad news. RIP good sir.