The Float Tube Fishing Forum Volume: 6 Issue: 1 - Page 2


President: Jeff Bernier

Writers: J Berneir,, Richard Moose, Mike Ryba

Photogarphy: Jeff Bernier, and members of our forum, Facebook, and Instagram

Issue Content:

*Double Fluke Rig AKA Donkey Rig

* How to fish a Donkey Rig

* GPS for Float Tubes

* The Roughneck on Display

*Guides, Guides so many Guides

*Reeds Both Thrower

*Whats new in the Float Tube


Mission Statement

The Float Tube Fishing forum is dedicated to the awareness and growth of this unique and exciting method of fishing for both experts and beginners. Through our global community and industry leading manufacturers we aim to promote and teach safe and appropriate float tube fishing techniques as well as mentor the future generations of float tube enthusiasts.

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