The Float Tube Fishing Forum Volume: 6 Issue: 1 - Page 17

So first off I remember when we first started the forum Bucks Bags had put out the Roughneck float tube. I was so new to the sport that I really did not have much knowledge of float tubes and their materials. All I could do was hope and wish one day I would be in a float tube like that. Unfortunately it was shortly pulled from stores and no longer sold by Bucks Bags until now. Well about 3 months ago I received in the mail the newest version of the Roughneck float tube.

The FTFF Review:

First thing I noticed when unboxing the new float tube is that this was going to be no ordinary float tube. The Roughneck as you can see from the site's description. The boat is 7" long with a width of 55". The boat has 4 chambers - 2 pontoons, an inflatable floor and an inflatable seat. The sitting space is 23" wide which gives you some crazy good wiggle room. The roughneck comes with 2 oversize long bags for side storage that are detachable. They are held on my 4 D-rings that are on each pontoon. The inflatable seat is basically just slid in between the pontoons on top of the inflatable floor and it is a nice snug fit no worries about it slipping while on the water. The oars are pretty standard to these types of hybrid float tubes and will serve their purpose when needed.

My personal initial thoughts before taking it out. The size is amazing. I might almost say intimidating at first As I put it all together I could see that they put some good thoughts into the Roughneck itself. While it is a larger float tube it is well proportioned. I have grown to enjoy the hybrid boats for their toughness and longevity and this float tube is right at the top of the list for toughness and longevity.

So my first time on the water with the Roughneck was at Lake Perris. I was curious would it be stable, maneuverable and comfortable in the long run. With my first time on the water and within the first minutes I could tell this was going to soon be a top of the list float tube. The Roughneck is a very stable float tube on the water, as for maneuverability it like most hybrids glides over the water with little effort. And as far as comfort goes the Roughneck is in a class of its own. With a price tag of $600

It is a very resalable hybrid float tube and is well worth your hard earned money if you are a dedicated float tube fisherman. If you are looking for a true beneficial upgrade look no further the Roughneck is that float tube that you have been looking for.

Any questions contact Bucks Bags or reach out to the Float Tube fishing forum for more info and -