The Float Tube Fishing Forum Volume: 6 Issue: 1 - Page 15

OK next we will take the 3 styles of fins. These 3 styles are as follows. Conventional or paddle-bladed fins Which are fins with a single blade (not split). This design is said to be an extremely effective design, because all of the water that contacts the blade gets pushed by it. These can be harder to kick with for those with less experience.

Split fins have a split in the blade. This can be a short flared blade looking kind of like the fluke of a marine mammal, or a long split that extends up to the foot and separates the blade into two long strips. These fins are better for newer fin users as they are easier to kick with and still provide good propulsion under the water.

Vented fins which of course use vents to allow water to slip through during the forward stroke through the water. Vents are one way of making it easier to kick against a steady current.

So when it comes to fins and the basics to get started these are the 3 main styles of fins and their break down. We have not touched on the brands as there are many different types and know that most research that goes into fins are done from a diverse perspective. More research needs to be done from the float tubers prospective to better understand what makes for the best type of fin. But for now if you are looking to get a set of fins you have just a little more information to help you when you are shopping. Next issue we will talk about brands of fins, which are more popular, and why. Until then stay on the water you will catch more fish that way.

Breaking down the basic's of fins for tubers

The Split Fin

fins 101