The Flight Log Fall 2014 - Page 8

Q. In addition to your interest in the Steampunk aesthetic in applied arts, you also embrace many of the lifestyle characteristics. What do the principles of salvage and creative reuse mean to you on a personal level? A. Good question... I am a wee bit insane. I suffer from Chrono-displacement, I'm a TV and a laptop away from being a full-on Luddite. I stress out about the disposable plastic state of our modern world. Go work at a landfill for a few weeks and you just may think twice about that plastic straw you're sucking your corn-syrup water through. Something that sets me apart from certain other more famous steampunk artists is that rather than laser-cutters, computers and other high tech methods, I use hand tools... you know, hammers, saws, knives, shears... Most people don't realize that 'fancy clean and perfect' comes from pushing a button, while 'one of