The Flight Log Fall 2014 - Page 3

Now many people are forming opinions on what is wrong with Detroit, and what ought to be done with it, but I offer a somewhat novel suggestion; maybe it is just as it should be. Maybe nothing is ever really broken, just in different stages of use over the course of their lifetime. In engineering, we talk about life cycle analysis, cradle to cradle, and the full impact of an object from the time of it’s manufacture to it’s end of use phase. A few architects have tackled the issue of the life cycle of a city, and treated it like a living biome, the most notable of these being Jacques Fresco, whose work I highly recommend to all steampunk and design enthusiasts. He and other champions of modern design took it’s philosophy to heart, and insisted that good design will be the salvation of mankind; but I would make one adjustment to this statement: Re-Design will be the salvation of mankind. The waste products accumulated in the wake of the industrial age are a real and pressing threat to our continued life on earth, and while many avant garde designers have crisp and elegant solutions utilizing the latest and greatest polymers and alloys, ultimately the victory over our own excesses will be won by the scavengers who neutralize waste while fulfilling human demands, providing creative and meaningful labor opportunities, and replacing repetitive grind tasks with machines. That being said, I am proud to introduce the collective group of artists, characters, engineers, business tycoons, and dreamers that make up the steampunk community of Metro Detroit as the Rivet Fleet of the United Armada. I had the unique blessing in school of working with a very inspirational sculpture teacher, who emphasized the concept of ‘joinery’, and how things are put together. Once you are made aware of something like that, and instructed to watch for it, it’s amazing how relevant it becomes in life and how it stands out. Thus the method that to me most embodies Detroit work ethic and community is riveting. The seams are visible, the joint is obvious to the point of being decorative and we wear our bonds proudly. Our region is home to the Motor City, the Arsenal of Democracy, and the Birthplace of the Assembly Line. We were the cornerstone of the Industrial Revolution in America, and we continue to carry on that tradition via steampunk. It’s philosophies and principles are swiftly becoming an economic driving force in their own right, and encourage individual potential, entrepreneurship, and community involvement. In this spirit, I pledge to continue hosting steampunk tradeshows throughout the year, and fashion this quarterly publication to provide opportunities for the fleet. I want to thank everyone who has supported and inspired me in doing this, they say the future belongs to the brave and you are the most courageous lot I’ve ever met!