The First Step Feb. 2011 - Page 31

I was recently asked why I bother with the things I do. Why did I start BIAS? Why do I volunteer when I could be paid elsewhere? Why do I care when I have seen such heart-breaking things? I will tell you this; I do what I do because I am the instrument of change, I am the key to a better future of my community, because I am the youth of today that holds the power to make a difference. I am not alone, there are many out there just like me, some even more dedicated. Look to the Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations; what a wonderful figure of inspiration, dedications and undying loyalty to a better Australia. We need more people like him, more people willing to stand out among the crowd and show their pride. I have met some, some young people who give me hope. As a part of BIAS I had the amazing opportunity, nay privilege to travel to St. Teresa’s Agricultural College in Abergowrie and there I met a man who will change this nation. Just like myself, he wants to be our First Indigenous Prime Minister, he wants to conquer what has oppressed Indigenous and non-Indigenous alike; He wants to conquer intolerance and misunderstanding. It is people like this young man and so many young people out there that give me hope in achieving what I want to achieve. I am no different that anybody else out there but for the passion and drive that sees me propel forward for this nation and not myself. I do what I do because I believe in self-determination and I know the change we can all bring into existence for our fellow man and women. I started BIAS to help Bond see it’s potential. I started a movement which I hope to see expand well above me and well after I have left; a legacy that can see Bond University rise up from the rest to lead a nation in bringing out equality for all Australians. We have the people, the same dedicated souls I see every day trying in their own way to make an impact on how we choose to live our lives. This article is a way for me to say goodbye. Goodbye to the friends I have made. Goodbye to the changes I have made. Goodbye to the mistakes I have made, the hard times I have seen and the doubt I have had in myself. This article is my goodbye but also my welcome to those who will come after me to make their own change, as big or small as that may be. Good luck to you all, I know you will do an amazing job. By Ricky Macourt