The First Step Feb. 2011 - Page 29

of our great nation, for I believe in Australia, in her beauty and her splendor. But I also believe in her people and their many faces that make this nation great – my Indigenous brothers and sisters, our struggling migrants, our loyal and faithful diggers, white Australia, black Australia, multicultural Australia, I believe in all Australia. For I am no longer the shattered generation, like those who have gone before me; I am the healing generation with my head to the sun and the shadows behind me. Until this dream becomes a reality the Australian Indigenous people will remain the skeleton in the cupboard of Australia’s national life – outcasts in our own land. My dream, our dream, is not impossible. Australia must come together and create a better future for all Australians; for we the healing generation are the voice. We must unite; confront and conquer the adversity of our disparity. United; we will make a difference. United; we are one people, one nation. United; we are Australian!! Written by Mangubadijarri Yanner