The First Step Feb. 2011 - Page 28

Furthermore I actively seek to participate and promote education in its many forms as I believe this will further improve and strengthen my desire to attain the best education possible. Ultimately I believe this will allow me to inspire a similar passion within my peers. I am a passionate advocate of human rights and my lifelong aspiration is to restore equity amongst all people regardless of age, gender or race. I believe the only way to ensure my dream becomes a reality is to empower all people with the right to attain an education. Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Never before have such words rung so true, never before has such passion and power engulfed such a basic ideal. This simple proclamation is the foundation of my entire passion and has never failed to motivate or inspire me throughout my life. Even though I am still a young man, I have witnessed and been a victim of the many terrors of prejudice and disparity that the denial of an adequate education is capable off. This horrific injustice deeply saddens and disturbs me, but has also played a pivotal role in developing a great sense of empathy, conviction and motivation to succeed in my life. Education is the only weapon I will ever use in my life; with the passion of my dreams and the power of this great weapon I shall combat the evils of ignor ???????????????)????????????????????????????????????????????)M???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????)?????????????????????????????????????U????????????????????????????????)???????q????????t?????????????????????????????????????????????????)???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????)????????????????????????????????????????)Y?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????)??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????)????????Q???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????)????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????)???????????????????????????5??????????????????????????????????????)????????????????????????????????????????????????????????]????????????????)?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????)???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????)??????????????????????????????))????????5?????1????-????)??$????????????)????????????????????????L?%?????????????????%?????????????????????????????)??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????)??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????)????????????????????]????????????????????????????????????????????????)????????Q????????????????????????????????????????????????????????$??????????)????????????????((