The First Step Feb. 2011 - Page 22

In between the school week, sitting in classes during the day and helping out with night study, each one of us made unique, special relationships. I have made incredible friendships that had maintained since I left the school in 2010 to when I said my goodbyes to the boys last week and am determined to keep for the rest of my life. BIAS went on this trip determined to maintain the relationship between Bond University and Abergowrie College. We introduced a mentoring programme whereby we each chose some boys we made a connection with, who demonstrated advanced academic ability or simply wanted advice on their future, whether that be at university, TAFE or the work force. It was important to us not to just be there to guide them for a week, but for their life, despite our distance. The trip also was not restricted to academia either, we spent afternoons and weekends having fun playing basketball, touch football, rugby and Wii, dancing it up to Michael Jackson. These boys showed their amazing talent and put each and every one of us to shame. Smiles, laughter, tears and times of frustration all added to the incredible week each of us had. Many people say they want to make a difference, but each and every participant of this trip did in their own special way. Personally for me, these boys inspired me. Sometimes advocating a cause that some people don’t care too much for, it’s hard. You get shut down, let down and it’s a lot of work. Sometimes you feel it’s all for nothing, but I can tell you once big beautiful brown eyes gaze into yours, your drive and commitment accelerate times ten. When you work hands on with people and see what you’re fighting for, it makes everything worthwhile. A huge thank you must go out to all the staff at Abergowrie, the Law Faculty, Ricky Macourt, Georgie Mcconville, Kim Brown, Laura Stocky, Jesse Land, Nina Oberleuter,Tassie Williams, Kasey Ball, Alice Rose, David Tyquin, Gemma Lloyd, Lauren Commens and Jenaya Keats. But most importantly, to all the students at Abergowrie for this incredible and life altering experience. Maddy Cassidy