The First Step Feb. 2011 - Page 2

...Editors ...Note I am so proud to present the first edition of ‘The First Step’ on behalf of the Bond Indigenous Awareness Society aimed at raising awareness and taking our first official step towards reconciliation. As the first Publications Director, I only hope this is the first of many editions. I saw no better way of spreading awareness through distributing written pieces to the Bond and local community. Although this is my last official piece, I have high hopes for BIAS’ future. I would like to thank the BIAS team, especially President Ricky Macourt and my director Alice Rose. A special thank you to Heri Kowero and Danica Keighran for helping me with design, without you two, there would be no magazine with my incompetent Photoshop skills, I am so thankful. To my friend Jesse Thomas Land, whom as continued to inspire me since we went on the first BIAS Social Justice Trip together and we able to return again this year. Thank you for reminding me exactly why I write and care about these issues. Your friendship is undoubtable. Finally, to my father because he always reads my work, gives me caring criticism and supports me always. I hope you enjoy this publication, find it interesting and insightful. -Maddy Cassidy