The First Step Feb. 2011 - Page 13

Oodgeroo Noonuccal (Kath Walker) Kath Walker was committed to advancing civil rights, building wider social and cross-cultural understanding. She helped facilitate and foster not only a greater sense of sharing and caring amount indigenous people but through greater Australians. Seeing young people as the hope of the future Walker opened her house as an educational centre for children from all works of life. She used it as a means to allow children to discover an aboriginal way of life that looked at communal living. Walker was the first Aboriginal person to see her work published in 1964. Working within political paths before the 1971 referendum Walker ensured that matters of importance were conveyed with a clear and concise challenge to what was often regarded as unchallengeable or undeserving of action or attention. Noel Pearson Pearson studied History and Law at the University of Sydney and is known as an academic and land rights activist. He is the founder of the Cape York Institute for Policy and Leadership, which promotes the economic and social development of Cape York. Following the Mabo decision of the High Court of Australia, he played a key part in negotiations over the Native Title Act 1993 as a member of the Indigenous negotiating team.In 2009, he published a collection of his writings titled Up from the Mission: Selected Writings. His opinions are often controversial however he has become a large influence in Indigenous policy making. Benson Saulo Inspired by his parents and previous generations fight for justice Benson was awarded the third ANZ Ingenious traineeship in Tamworth were he then went on to study business at the University of Technology in Sydney and work on the ANZ foreign exchange where he embraced and learnt from ??)???????????????????????????????????) ????????????????U?????9?????e???)?????????????????????????????????%?????????)????????????????????????????????????????????(??+?aQ?????????????????????????????????????????)????????????????????????????????Q????M????)%??????????????%????????????????????????)????????????????????????????????%??????????)????????????????????????????????????)?????????d((0