The Fine Print Issue One, August 2014

August 12th, Tuesday, 5:15 to 7:15 pm |3115 | Bring a pen | Ph: 8742023898 Page 3: A Review of the Changes Around Campus This Semester Page 2: BITSians Round the Globe Celebrated 2nd Ever BITSians’ Day THE FINE PRINT ENGLISH PRESS CLUB PRESENTS hunting. To make matters worse many concerned individuals (or rather, pairs of individuals) were dismayed to see Shiv-G barricaded off after a certain curfew hour in the night. (More about that later anyway). SEMESTER I ISSUE I PILANI AUGUST 2014 Then there are the so-called affirmations that tell you that you are back in BITS, even before the aftermath of the long break drifts away - the intense clamour for interesting juniors, late night departmental wars in MB over a rare member of the fairer sex, DC, Pappuji. Which reminds me, welcome aboard freshers! Surely you have had your fair share of the abovementioned already. THE NEW HOSTEL BLOCK FOUR continuous days of aloo in the mess coupled with never ending beads of perspiration is probably not the most ideal welcome one would have imagined they would receive after two and a half months of lethargy and good food/PS/college- reckon 'has sprouted out of nowhere during the vacations'. This one is located in front of Ashok Bhawan and is ready to be occupied. The Bhawan has 203 single rooms and is supposedly meant for higher degree students. The hostel is comprised of three blocks, and the rooms in each block have air insulated walls to help cope up with the extremes. A laundry room seems to have made its debut in this hostel, but washing machines and the likes haven't yet found their way here. Cots with storage boxes and fancy computer tables with sliding keyboard panels are part of the furniture in the new hostel block. Touche. RENOVATION OF RAM BHAWAN While Pilani still remains the hamlet it has always been and while a few routines of the campus die hard, change has suddenly, conspicuously seemed to have crept into the walls of BITS Pilani. Project Parivartan has been in the buzz for quite sometime now (for more information, refer our previous issues on The most obvious evidence to this is the yellow-and-whitepainted Sir C. V. Raman Bhawan that some still Meanwhile, work on Ram Bhawan is going on with gusto, with the Convenor of Project Parivartan, Dr. R. K. Mittal promising its completion by October. Buddh and Meera Bhawans are next in line for a massive haul over. The new Ram Bhawan may sport a few surprises of its own, such as a notable badminton court in the QT and possibly WiFi connectivity. Many rumors about strong winds of change here at Pilani have been doing the rounds all summer. The grapevine is heavy with speculation, dread and protest. The Fine Print speaks to the Chief Warden, President and General Secretary to set the record straight and get an idea of what might come to be. Most whispers we have heard over the vacation do seem to have been founded on truths. But while some policy changes are going to be effective almost immediately, some are definitely on the back burner for a long time. TAKING TIME OFF Prof. C. B. Das, the Chief Warden, says that the institute is making an effort to equalize the number of working days at Pilani, Hyderabad and Goa so as to smoothen cross-campus programs such as common Telepresence lectures. The shortening of fests’ duration to three-and-a-half days as well as the proposed scrapping of SU-declared holidays are to this end. He says that the faculty feels that the fests reduce the academic involvement of the students. Outgoing General Secretary Vaibhav Singh feels that these measures are not required, as the other two campuses probably declare local holidays that Pilani doesn’t. President Aditya Bhatt says that the institute must look into other solutions, such as the recording of video lectures. Both leaders point out that such steps will negatively affect the quality of our fests. (...continued on page 3) (...continued on page 3) It has been a very pressing issue for the BITSian populace for quite some time now. It has even been used as a campaigning tactic and has had its share of vehement deliberation on the social media as well. Taking note of this recent uproar against persistent fee hikes, Vice Chancellor B. N. Jain finally addressed students across the three campuses on 7th August 2014, shedding light on the matter from the institute perspective. The sombre event started off with the Vice Chancellor stating the exact percentage increase in fees since 2010- 12% for the first two years and 14% in the year gone by. The rest of the session was spent going over the reasons for the nearly two-fold hike in fees. The primary cause was attributed to the increasing inflation with an annual inflation rate of nearly 9-10% for the past 5 years. The fee hike of 12-14% can be divided into an inflationary increase of 9-10% and the rest 3-4% for improvement measures, he explains. On the same note, he also assures students that although the fee hike is a definite annual measure, the percentage increase will go down in case of a reduced inflation rate in the future. (...continued on page 3)