The Farmers Mart Feb-Mar 2019 - Issue 61

THE NORTH’S NUMBER ONE FARMING GUIDE ISSUE 61 • FEB/MAR 2019 PAGE 10 Chimney pots the key to success at Broster’s Farm Shop of Lindley Moor PAGE 24 Success on Success at the 6th YAMS show, how quickly time flies PAGE 42 Ripon Open Day; an important start to the year PAGE 52 Bringing on the Simmentals at Croome Farm, near Sledmere PAGE 56 Happy with sucklers and buying stores at Riverhouse Farm PAGE 30 Perfect Weather and Another Great Open Day for Farmstar Unlike previous years the 17 th of January was a bright crisp morning, perfect for this firm and popular date in the agricultural diary AGRICULTURAL BUILDINGS & LIVESTOCK EQUIPMENT Telephone: 01524 792 247 e-mail: [email protected] Livestock Housing Crop Storage Industrial Arntjen Curtains & Light Ridges MultiOne Tip Troughs Bobman Machinery Schurr Cow Brushes WWW.FARMERS-MART.CO.UK