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The drive into McCloud Nature Park showcases the 52-acre tallgrass prairie , and the view varies every day throughout the season . Prairie wildflowers tend to be paler in the early summer , and become more vibrant as the season progresses .

PALE PINK-PURPLE COMMON MILKWEED begins blooming in June . Monarch caterpillars will only feed on leaves of the milkweed species but many pollinators enjoy nectar from the flowers .
DEEP PURPLE AND BRILLIANT YELLOW FLOWERS highlight the months of July through September . by Sarah Wolf , Senior Park Naturalist
Artists know these colors complement each other on the color wheel , creating a high contrast vista for our viewing pleasure .
THE RICH PURPLE OF IRONWEED AND NEW ENGLAND ASTER draw in all colors of butterflies .
A PLETHORA OF YELLOW WILDFLOWERS in the aster or composite family bloom in the late summer . The golden light of early morning gives these flowers halos .
See these wildflowers for yourself at McCloud Nature Park ! Wildflowers and their pollinator partners are the stars of the show for McCloud Bee Fest , on Saturday , August 28 ( see page 22 for more information ).
Interested in planting some of these in your yard ? The Indiana Native Plant Society ( indiananativeplants . org ) has a list of where to purchase native wildflowers and plants .
Common Milkweed
Ironweed and Brown Eyed Susans
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