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ACORN creates a way for teens to express themselves through learning experiences and creating new ideas for parks . Applying these opportunities not only improves parks , but teaches teens about the importance of their community . The ACORN program exposes members to the variety of career paths in the parks and recreation field ; from programming to park development , and everything in between . Members are encouraged to give their insight on creating more opportunities for teens at Hendricks County Parks . JEEP JUNIOR ENVIRONMENTAL EXCURSION PROGRAM JEEP , the Junior Environmental Excursion Program , is an opportunity for teen ACORN members to enjoy a day trip to the Indiana destination of the group ’ s choice and go on hikes , learn , and participate in other activities that are available . This collaboration of activities creates a memorable experience for ACORN members . The 2021 JEEP trip will be to Brown County , where there will be hiking , paintball , horseback riding , and possibly swimming .

“ ACORN is a great way to find out about jobs in the DNR . You get to learn about these different jobs and find out what you are interested in .” – Hayden


“ I love ACORN . It is a fun and effective way to gain knowledge on parks and recreation : seeing how everything works in the parks and learning how to run one as well . I believe that if you have any interest in nature , you should join this team !”
– Courtney
“ I feel like ACORN is a great place to make friends and be in nature because I feel everyone has something in common to connect with .” – Austin
“ I enjoy the experiences gained from ACORN . Helping design the playground for W . S . Gibbs Memorial Park was a wonderful part of ACORN . Overall , it ’ s an amazing program !” – Kadence
“ I found out about ACORN a while ago , and I ’ ve been pretty excited to join since . I enjoy nature and things like that , so I ’ m really looking forward to being more involved with Hendricks County Parks .” – Leo
“ ACORN is a great job and fun program to work with . It is also a great way to practice for a fullfledged job .” – Trent
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