The EVOLUTION Magazine November 2021 | Page 35

With the push for terpenes in products , infused products have also made their way into the Missouri market . These can provide very specific effects for things like edibles , a good example being the WANA ’ s line of edible gummies . They are terpene infused from Sativa , Indica , or Hybrid strains to provide the user a more tailored edible experience . As the industry further grows , terpenes will be used more and more with different blends , and as long as the source for the terpenes is natural and from the strains , I wouldn ’ t mind .
With cannabis , “ variety ” has been the name of the game . The same goes for terpenes , and since 120 different terpenes ( and counting ) have been identified in cannabis , that trend clearly continues . For patients , this gives us more control over our effects and gives us even more information about our favorite strains and what specific effects to look for . Recently , only a few growers are providing full terpene profiles with their strains here in Missouri , and they are always wonderful to see .
Chocolate Truffels : Like chocolates ? Try these THC nano infused Buffalo Balls found at Shangri-La .
As for me and my Shangri-La visit , the treasure hunters of old might be jealous of old Sean . I discovered chocolate-covered graham crackers from Kizmet Chocolates , and what a treasure they are .
Remember , ask your budtender questions — that ’ s the best way to learn more about what terpene is right for you .
All photos by Sean Keast
Sean Keast is a Navy Veteran Mass Communications Specialist , cannabis educator , and advocate documenting the Missouri cannabis industry in all its forms and general purveyor of tomfoolery . He ’ s currently enrolled at MU , working towards a communications degree . He can be found @ givviehash on social media .
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