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A Unique Drying Method Explored

A drying and curing process that preserves all the characteristics of harvested marijuana . by Danielle Buntyon , contributing writer

Have you ever looked at a bud on your pre-harvested plants and wished it could stay that perfect for a lifetime ? After years of trial-and-error , Cryo Cure technology has finally made it to market to achieve that wish , and it ’ s making a significant difference in the cannabis industry . Both commercial and home growers can use this technology to speed up the drying and curing process to just under 24 hours .

What once took days or even months to achieve , proper drying and curing has been shortened with Cryo Cure technology . What are the advantages , and what are the drawbacks of this method ? Let ’ s look at how the Cryo Cure process works and then describe some of the pros and cons of it . Here are a few tips to help you with this type of drying and curing ..
How does Cryo Cure work ?
On the Cryo Cure website , www . cryocure . com , it is explained that the patent-pending Cryo Cure cannabis drying and curing process preserves all the characteristics of the harvested marijuana , such as its color , smell , and texture . It also prevents the degradation of color , smell , and texture that occurs during the normal curing process . Furthermore , customers benefit from less human error , higher yield , and faster delivery of the product to retail shelves when “ Cryo Cured ” cannabis is used .
What does the process consist of ? Stage 1 — Freeze Stage 2 — Vacuum pressure Stage 3 — Sublimation Stage 4 — Condensation Stage 5 — Defrost
What are the advantages of the Cryo Cure system ?
Within 24 hours , it is possible to get your flower to the market using this system . Whether you are a home gardener or a commercial producer , one thing everyone would love to have is a faster drying / curing process . As soon as the cryocuring process is completed , the bud will continue to look like it just came from the plant for many months to a year . The color is simply amazing . There is a tremendous amount of color retention , as well as very little shrinkage of the flower . There is no harshness in Cryo Cure Cannabis . If one has difficulties smoking cannabis , this is a good alternative that won ’ t leave a harsh feeling in the throat and lungs .
What are the disadvantages of the system ?
The machine has the disadvantage of trapping terpenes during the drying process . A terpene trap system is built into the machine to trap terpenes that tend to degrade during the drying process . That being said , it will be very beneficial for creating another revenue source since terpenes are expensive to purchase separately . The process must be carried out just right to obtain the results advertised . If not , often , the buds look wonderful , but they have a Styrofoam-like texture . Additionally , the buds can become brittle and don ’ t have any discernible taste . Inhaling them is almost like breathing in air .
My method of drying and curing
I ’ ve been using this alternative method of drying for many years as a grower . Below are some tips that have helped me dial in my drying technique . It was tough at first . Therefore , I would like to offer a more cost-effective alternative to purchasing a huge freeze-dry machine while still following a few processes described in the pretext .
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