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“ The old days of people lighting themselves on fire in their garages are gone . It ’ s much cleaner , more streamlined ; it ’ s a real hi-tech laboratory here .”
Cooper shined a flashlight into the tank in front of him , and through a small port , I saw a small , pure drip of THC extract being collected , eventually to be turned into exquisite Diamonds and Sauce . Cooper was clearly in his element . We sealed him back inside his “ inner sanctum ” as we wrapped up our tour .
Heartland Labs is exactly that , a beautiful lab in America ’ s Heartland . I drove back down that gravel track not only as a wiser and more educated man for it — but overjoyed to see the amazing medical products being manufactured for this new industry , and to catch a behind the scenes glimpse of all that goes into making the vast amounts of Cannabis medicines that our state-licensed manufacturers produce for patients . It ’ s amazing !
To Pearcy and the Crew , we thank you .


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Sean Keast is a Navy Veteran Mass Communications Specialist , cannabis educator , and advocate documenting the Missouri cannabis industry in all its forms and general purveyor of tomfoolery . He ’ s currently enrolled at MU , working towards a communications degree . He can be found @ givviehash on social media .

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