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Hemp Milk

Plant-Based – Protein-Rich

A Step-by-Step Guide to Making This Healthy Alternative

by Danielle Buntyon , contributing writer

What is Hemp Milk ? Drinks made from hemp seeds and water are non-dairy alternatives to milk . The fatty acids in hemp seeds , as well as the protein they contain , make them extremely nutritious food . In addition to this , it is also full of protein and fatty acids . To increase the nutritional value of some commercial brands ’ products , they may add even more vitamins and calcium as part of their fortification . There are only two ingredients in hemp milk — hemp seeds and water . Sweeteners and thickeners may be added too .

Some benefits of Hemp Milk
The first time I heard about hemp milk was back in 2018 . We have since become hooked on hemp milk , which is now a staple in our house . This milk has many benefits that make it an excellent alternative to dairy milk . Here are a few of them :
● It is well known that hemp seeds contain polyunsaturated and omega fats , both of which are beneficial to your general health .
● In addition to a wide variety of essential vitamins and minerals , hemp seeds provide several other nutrients as well , including vitamin E , phosphorus , potassium , iron , zinc , B vitamins , etc .
● The use of hemp seeds for treating several neurological diseases like Parkinson ’ s , Alzheimer ’ s , and Multiple Sclerosis has been found to possess an antioxidant effect that may offer protection to the brain along with providing treatment for many neurological diseases .
● Hemp seeds have been shown to be beneficial in supporting a healthy heart .
● It has fewer calories — as a result of its lower calorie content than dairy milk , it is a perfect option for those looking to eat well and be healthy . Unsweetened versions are the best choice for these purposes .
● It ’ s not allergenic — the odds of you having an allergic reaction to hemp milk are slim ( but not impossible ).
Since hemp milk contains an impressive array of vitamins , minerals , and proteins , the body manages to respond with a stronger immune system , healthier circulation , better skin and hair , and cholesterol-lowering omega fatty acids make the heart healthier . Hemp milk is the perfect solution for those who cannot tolerate animal milk or dairy products and those who choose not to consume animal milk due
to personal reasons . Or simply for those seeking a healthy alternative to cow or animal milk !
DIY Recipe
You do not need to purchase prepackaged hemp milk to enjoy its benefits , despite its availability . Make it yourself ! Go to your local health food store and buy shelled hemp seeds . Make your tasty drink by following the recipe below .
Ingredients :
1 cup of hemp seeds 5 or 6 cups of purified water . If you want it to be creamy , use less water CBD or THC infused ( optional ) honey – for sweetener
Combining Ingredients
To begin , you need to place the hemp seeds in a blender and blend them . It is most effective to mix this with the water-based on the amount of creaminess you would like . Simply blend everything until creamy , and then taste . It is possible to add a little bit of raw honey or agave nectar to taste and mix again . After you have achieved your desired flavor and consistency , strain it through a cheesecloth , and there you have it ! You have homemade hemp milk in your hands . Before drinking , give it a good shake . The hemp milk should last about four days in the refrigerator .
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