The European Schools Newspaper December issue | Page 20

Hercules – 6th grade My name is Hercules and I am 11 years old. I go to the 6th Class of Primary School. I was born and raised in Athens but my family and I moved in Agia Triada three years ago. Georgia – 4th grade My name is Georgia and I am nine years old. I come from Sourpi. I am in D’ Class. I have got black eyes, black hair and I am tall. My family is small. I have got My hobbies are karate and playing PC one brother, a father and a games. Also, I usually go driving with my mother, a dog, a bird and five father so that I can learn how to move on cats! my own! My favourite subjects are Maths and P.E. My house is big. It has got a kitchen, a bathroom, a When I grow up I living room, a hall, two bedrooms and a garden. would like to be a military pilot so as to My favourite sports are riding a bike, running, riding a defend my country. horse, and tae kwon do. My favourite hobby is watching TV. My favourite foods are pastitsio and meat. My th Matina – 5 grade favourite colours are red, yellow and blue. My name is Matina, I am 11 years old and Maria – 6th grade I’m in E’ class of the Primary School of Sourpi. Hi, everyone! My name is Maria and I am almost 12 years old. I I am tall and thin. I have have brown eyes and hair. I am beautiful, long, brown hair and not very tall and also I am thin. brown eyes. I am good and polite. I love animals a lot and I In my free time I love listening to music, singing foreign like flowers. music, exercising my body, hanging out with my friends, so I spend my time enjoyably! In my opinion, I am a good My favourite colours are pink and purple. student and I have high marks. When I grow up, I want My favourite foods are spaghetti and to be a military officer, because I love it! pizza. I like ice cream a lot! I am a good pupil and my favourite subjects are Additionally, my mum’s name is Krina and she comes from English and French. I love school and my Romania. Nikos is my dad and he comes from Greece. I friends! also have two brothers, Thomas and Alex. Thomas is 14 and Alex is 10 years old. Every day I fight with my brothers because we disagree, but I love them! That’s George – 4th grade all about me and my family! My name is George, I am ten years old, I am from Greece and I am in D’ Class. In my house I have got a big brother and a little sister. I have got a dad and a mum. My house is big. It has got a kitchen, two bathrooms, a living room, a bedroom and three rooms. My favourite sports are football and basketball. My favourite food is spaghetti and my favourite 20 colour is blue.