The European Schools Newspaper April issue

THE EUROPEAN SCHOOLS NEWSPAPER The European Schools Newspaper MY AREA Issue No 3 - April 2015 by the 47th Primary School of Piraeus Reporters: The learners of the 6th grade Editor: Ms Helen, English teacher Welcome to our 3rd issue! Our research on the area of Kaminia, where our school and homes are situated, led us to the municipality of Piraeus, which Kaminia is a part of. We have discovered a lot of things about our area and we have tried to include the most important facts, however, there are so many left unsaid! We hope you enjoy reading about our area and why not visit us one day? Happy Easter holidays! The learners of the 6th grade. Kaminia Kaminia is a city quarter in Piraeus in the Attica region of Greece. Locations near Kaminia include the city quarter of Kokinia and that of Neo Faliro. The working class district of Kaminia stretches from the Keranis tobacco factory to the area of Retsina. Identified with the lives of sailors and tobacco workers residing the area, it was named after the existence of such facilities. Kaminia was also home to industrial ironworks which before the war served the needs of shipbuilding in the port area of Piraeus. 1