The Ethical Web Magazine Fall 2014 (Standalone) - Page 8


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Sujeet Shenoi,

a Professor of computer science at the University of Tulsa, is teaching his students about the flaws in cyber security by getting them to hack into electric power plants and oil pipelines. View the Washington Post article at

Bob Lockhart, an industry analyst with Pike Research, now Navigant Research, who published a study on the vulnerability of Smart-Grid technology when it comes to the monopoly-run power grid system in the United States.

Jacalyn S. Leavitt, the founder of A former educator, her mission is simple: to educate parents, teachers, and law makers so that they can educate children everywhere about using the internet and the latest technology in a safe and secure manner. Visit

Sue Scheff, author of "Wit's End! Advice and Resources for Saving Your Out-of-Control Child," and the founder of Parents' Universal Resource Experts, Inc. (PURE). She formed this organization after being a victim of cyber stalking and bullying. She wishes to educate other parents in this fast moving internet world on how to keep a watchful eye on what their children are doing, before they become victims themselves.