The Estate Volume 3

Front Cover
African Luxury no.1 for luxury
The Estate represents your connection to the beauty of Africa and its people on the continent and within the Diaspora globally. We are focused on showcasing and celebrating a new Africa and within our digital edition you will be introduced to a new African experience.
in our third edition we have evolved to better suit your needs by adding a digital version and lifestyle segment to our existing publication.
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Rossana UK, Rolls Royce of Kitchens
Bradley Theodore, Painting is my passion
Taibo Bacar, from Africa to the world
Freddie Achom, Rosemount Group
The Estate Property Guide
Soneva Fushi, Soneva Group
Embratar Brazil

Page 13 - CBRE
Page 18 - NU:
Page 20 - Soneva Fushi
Page 25 - Purple Premium

Page 30 - Vanessa Gounden
Page 32 - Bradley Theodore
Page 34 - Kunle Awosika
Page 36 - Freddie Achom

Page 42 - Bitcoin
Page 44 - Herieth Paul
Page 46 - Mappin & Webb
Page 48 - Taibo Bacar

Page 56 - Setsu & Shinobu
Page 60 - Jesu Segun
Page 64 - Stevenson Brothers

Page 72 - Maria Pajares
Page 76 - Embratur

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