The Emerald Summer 2020 | Page 2

CONTENTS SUMMER 2020 EDITION GENERAL 03 LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT 04 COLLEGIATE & ALUMNI AFFAIRS 09 LETTER FROM THE EMERALD FOUNDATION 10 13 210 CLASS OF 2020 GRADUATES CONGRATS & BEST WISHES UNDERGRADUATES BY CHAPTER MASTERS GRADUATES CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES! May you enter this new chapter in life with love, patience, kindness, ambition, and passion for change. There are great things that lie ahead. We are so proud of all our members who have graduated in Spring 2020 and will be graduating in Summer 2020. 217 DOCTORAL GRADUATES ALUMNAE CHAPTER SCHOLARSHIP 219 TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY PINK ROSE EMERALD FOUNDATION TITLE IX POEM Antonia Taylor Poem written by University of Texas at El Paso student to highlight the injustices of sexual assault and Title IX. pg. 224 NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE Stories and photos of members participating and advocating for social justice. pg. 228 221 PENGUINS HELPING PENGUINS SOCIAL JUSTICE 223 227 229 230 TITLE IX HOW TO BE AN ALLY ACTIVISM AWAKENING STORY WEAR A MASK 2