The Emerald Newsletter | Kappa Delta Chi Sorority The Emerald Fall 2019 | Page 2

CONTENTS FALL 2019 EDITION GENERAL 03 LETTER FROM COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER 04 MEET YOUR NATIONAL LEADERSHIP TEAM 11 GREEK TRACK 13 MENTAL HEALTH INITIATIVE CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES! FALL 2019 RECRUITMENT Ringing in the new year with a new degree and chapter in life! pg. 50 14 NATIONAL HAZING PREVENTION 17 BEST PRACTICES HAZING PREVENTION 18 PHOTOSHOOTS Check out the hazing prevention article written by Alicia Rascon. pg. 14 FEATURES 20 CHAPTER/COLONY HIGHLIGHTS 28 SISTER SPOTLIGHTS 32 DREAMERS' JOURNEY 37 ALUMNAE HIGHLIGHTS 40 I STAND BY YOU 44 THE MODERN MUJER 46 THE REAL MVP 49 MUXERES_IN_HIGHERED GRADUATION 50 FALL GRADUATES 2019 I STAND BY YOU Lizette Trujillo Learn more about allyship and how we can strengthen our families, friendships, neighborhoods, and communities in small and big ways that will help create equality, and empathy for everyone around us. pg. 40 2 THE MODERN MUJER Dr. Erica Montes Dr. Erica Montes shares her passion for women's health through her new social media blog the Modern Mujer focused on health, medicine, and empowerment. pg. 44