The Emerald Newsletter | Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. | Fall 2014 | Page 15

Growing up I was always independent and it was difficult to trust people. When I went through the chartering process I knew I had soon to be sisters that I could trust and count on. I really understood the meaning of UNITY and no matter what we would always be able to count on each other. They always opened thier doors for me when I needed a place to stay, feed me when I had no money for food, stay up late studying with me when I had an exam (even though they were done with all their classes), most importantly give me the love and support and to always know someone is always therr for them. ​Not only was it just the sisters at my chapter it was sisters at other chapters that I knew I could count on and this is something that really stood out to me. No matter where I go I know sisters will always be there for me as I would be there for them.

My chapter wants to be able to give back to the community. I hear all the wonderful things they are doing at it just amazes me. From canned food, clothing and food drives. We had one sister last semester raise $900 for juvenile diabetes and cut 1inch off her hair for every $100 dollars she raised. I do have to saying they are some of the most giving people I have met. I know this year the chapter will be working with refugees from Pakistan, Malaysia, Iran, ect. This is what I love about my chapter they are always finding new ways to give back to the community and help all those in need no matter where they come from.

KDChi means so much to me. It helps bring out the best in me. I learned to be a better leader and have grown closer to my faith. What it is to be a little and what its like to be a big. I’m able to help sisters in whatever they need or help them find solutions. Even after graduation I thought this would be the end for me but it is not. I still give my best in order to give back to my sisterhood. To me KDChi was not just some thing to do during my undergrad, it is something that lasts a lifetime.