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Kappa Delta Chi, Beta Chapter

Popular fundraising events throughout our undergraduate chapters include sports tournaments.

This year, KDChi's Beta Chapter at Texas A&M, held its annual “Kick The Hell Out of Cancer” Kickball Tournament for the 12th time, with great success. Despite the gloomy weather, the ladies filled the fields with energy…and people.

Thanks to Double Dave’s and Domino’s Pizza, everyone had a fun time and a great lunch. Half of the event's proceeds were donated to the American Cancer Society and the other half was to be given to the winner's choice of charity. In a wonderful turn of events, the winning team, 3Peat, chose to send their winnings to KDChi’s national philanthropy. Thanks, 3Peat!

3Peat (pictured, right) has competed in the KDChi Kickball Tournament for the past two years, winning it a total of three times.




KDChi is proud to have The American Cancer Society—an organization that saves lives by helping people stay well and get well by finding cures and fighting back—as its National Philanthropy. With national initiatives such as Penguins for Prevention, Sisters across the nation work hard each semester to raise awareness and funds that will benefit the American Cancer Society.

pictured: KDChi, Beta Chapter

Photo by Kdchi Beta Chapter

Name: Claudia Salinas

Position: External Recruitment Officer, [email protected]

Chapter, School: Lambda, Arizona State University

What advice would you give to a new member: The New Member process can feel so busy but take time to really enjoy it; some of the best memories you'll have in KDChi are made during your process.

Being in Kappa Delta Chi taught me: how to manage my time. I remember receiving agendas in high school and rarely using them. After joining KDChi I realized how important it was to organize my time and set-up my schedule so I wasn't double-booking myself. Now my agenda never leaves my side. Aside from my KDChi sisters, it's my best friend.

Name: Reyna Garces

Position: New Member Educator Officer, [email protected]

Chapter, School: Phi Chapter, Stephen F. Austin State University

What advice would you give to a new member: Enjoy every moment of your undergrad time, because once you become Alumna you're going to miss your KDChi times.

Being in Kappa Delta Chi taught me: To be independent, outspoken, assertive, being a leader and a follower. KDChi taught me to share my ideas and opinions; a great idea is best when shared.

Name: Kayla Carina Worthy

Position: Leadership Conference Officer,

Chapter, School: Alpha Sigma, Florida State University

What advice would you give to a new member: Hello! Welcome to the family! You now have a team behind you and you will truly get out what you put in. The only way to grow is if you try new things and get out of your comfort zone. So ask questions, jump right in, and ask for help when you need it.

Being in Kappa Delta Chi taught me: The power of communication and friendship.

Name: Kristi Lenderman

Position: Chapter Programming Officer (CPO) , [email protected]

Chapter, School: Alpha Tau, Southwestern University Take advantage of the mentors and strong women around you! They will help shape your future more than you can imagine!

Being in Kappa Delta Chi taught me: How to be a leader when there is opposition to your beliefs and ideas. I learned how to rally people behind a common goal and gained sisters for life along the way.

Name: Kathaleeya Garcia

Position: Chapter Development Officer,

Chapter, School: Alpha Zeta Chapter, University of Nevada Las Vegas

What advice would you give to a new member: Be yourself and love being yourself. Our organization is so beautiful because we are made up of many unique sisters that bring so many different visions to our sisterhood. Make sure you make time for yourself through this process. Many times we as women we load ourselves with so many responsibilities that we find our selves forgetting about the most important person, you. Make time for yourself, love who you are, and our sisterhood will guide you with the rest.

Being in Kappa Delta Chi taught me: Kdchi has taught me that no matter what circumstances I'm ever faced with, I'm never alone. Whether it be another sister who's been put in my shoes, or sisters who are there to just help by listening, I'm never alone. Kdchi has given me the opportunity to expressively grow within the organization which has progressed into teaching me how to become a Leader. I am very fortunate to have been able to learn so much from this sisterhood, and I am more than happy to do the same in return.

All Photos (C) Tiffany Hopwood Photography

Photo by Kathleeya Garcia