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Meet Your National Administrative Council & National Officers

“The students love this program,” says the Xi Chapter President. “It amazed me how the students grew invested in their work. After a couple of meetings, the students were so excited that they started recruiting for the club. They could not stop telling their friends about JV InvenTeams!”

JV InvenTeams is an exceptional opportunity for students to practice teamwork, explore new interests, and serve the community with their inventions. KDChi supports these ideals, and Xi Chapter is dedicated to providing these opportunities to students at Waller High School. They hope to continue this program in the future, and their goal is to expand the program to additional high schools within the district so that more students will be motivated to pursue their dreams.

This collaboration and display of Greek Unity is only the beginning of a movement to unite Greeks within the Council of Student Organizations and National PanHellenic Council at Prairie View A&M University.

This is only the beginning of a movement to unite Greeks within the Council of Student Organizations and the National PanHellenic Coucil at Prairie View A&M University.

Iota Phi Theta, Lambda Chapter President

DeMarr Holmes

Kappa Delta Chi, Xi Chapter President

Suzanne Varughese

Name: Gina Garcia

Position: VP of Public Affairs, [email protected]

Chapter, School: University of Texas at Austin, Pi Chapter

What advice would you give to a new member: Engage and open your eyes to new experiences. It's a beautiful time for you to learn more about yourself, your interests and learn from these women that you're standing next to. They will turn out to be some of your best friends and chosen family for life!

Being in Kappa Delta Chi taught me: Where do I begin. KDChi taught me how to truly serve others in ways that have an impact, how to develop as a professional, how to work with a team and be a leader. I also learned that being an alumna and having the KDChi network here in Washington DC and around the world is such a blessing. No matter where I go in life, KDChi will always be there and I will always be there for this bonus family that's changed my life.

Name: Adriana Flores

Position: VP of Information Technology,

Chapter, School: Iota Chapter, New Mexico State University

What advice would you give to a new member: find an organization method that works for you and stick to it. The more organized you are the less stressed you will be.

Being in Kappa Delta Chi taught me: Organization and how to prioritize what is really important to me.

Name: Connie Ann Tucker

Position: VP of Records, [email protected]

Chapter, School: Alpha Beta @ The University of Texas - Pan American

What advice would you give to a new member: Get to know your class sisters, don't be afraid

to ask questions, and know it's okay to make mistakes...that's part of learning and becoming the

person you are!

Being in Kappa Delta Chi taught me: how to be a strong, independent, and successful woman. The skills I learned in KDChi are used daily and are now some teaching lessons I use for my young daughters. I developed a stronger love for my community, and learned that the bonds of sisterhood truly are strong and can stand the test of time and distance. Being in KDChi is one of the best decisions I ever made!

Name: Cynthia Esparza-Trigueros

Position: VP of Collegiate Affairs, [email protected]

Chapter, School: Alpha Eta, University of Nevada - Reno

What advice would you give to a new member: Embrace the experience. The process is very purposeful and it goes by really fast. The feeling you'll have after initiation is amazing!

Being in Kappa Delta Chi taught me: The importance of connectivity among women. Being part of our sisterhood is rewarding and has taught me much. The most important for me is having strong women in my life who equally challenge and support me. Having sisters with commonalities and parallel lived experiences has been invaluable. Whether it's been graduate school advise, wedding planning ideas or interviewing tips, I've always relied on sisters.

Name: Adriana Mariscal

Position: VP of Recruitment and Intake,

Chapter, School: Beta, Texas A&M University; WHOOP!

What advice would you give to a new member: Manage your time effectively; split up the requirements evenly (or as evenly as possible taking into account your exam and work schedule) so that at the last minute, you're not scrambling to get everything done. Also, don't be afraid to ask questions.

Being in Kappa Delta Chi taught me: several things and life lessons, but ultimately it taught me what sisterhood is. Growing up with four brothers, I never knew what is was like to have a sister until KDChi. From a shoulder to cry on, to random foolish fights, to nonstop laughter that makes your stomach hurt, to rummaging in each other's closets because you have nothing to wear, to always knowing you have their unconditional love and support, KDChi is the essence of sisterhood.

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