The Emerald Newsletter | Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Fall 2015 | Page 23

Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. is proud to congratulate and announce the winners of an initiative started to bring KDChi chapters together in unity. The ladies of KDChi’s Alpha Sigma Chapter at Florida State University were the winners of the inaugural flyer contest with the winning creation at left.

As part of their winnings their design will be shared amongst all chapters for an opportunity to be used in recruitment for the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 sessions. In addition to the pride of having their

flyer displayed on campuses coast to coast, the chapter also wins a $200 cash award.

KDChi’s Alpha Sigma President, Anna Castellano shed light on why this theme won their hearts. “The theme Route 87 Road Trip symbolizes the journey that is Kappa Delta Chi and each exit along the destination is an event for a rush week. We really enjoy this theme for recruitment and for the New Member Process because we see

the journey to be just as important as the destination.” KDChi has very talented and creative sisters. Ten flyers were submitted and were whittled down by the KDChi Communications team. Of the top three designs, the membership participated in an online vote and chose their favorite. The winning design won by just two votes.

In July, the communications team, made of Vice President of Public Affairs, Gina Garcia and the National Communications Officer, Alicia Bustillos created the KDChi flyer contest idea. The purpose of

the contest is to make use of the creativity within our sisterhood and to bring opportunities for chapters to share in the same recruitment theme. The National Communications officer will follow-up this week with chapters on accessing and editing the flyers to their own individualized needs. We hope this is just the start of a tradition we share in.

Flyer contest means financial gain for KDChi's Alpha Sigma Chapter


$64,000 Debt - Paid Off in Under Two Years

By Ken Hulme

The 700 Club

When Jacob and Tiffany Hopwood of Euless TX said “I do” in 2012, they were confronted their combined debt of $64,000 dollars. Tiffany explained.

“We both had significant student loan debt. I had been paying on my ten years and didn’t have even half of it paid off,” she told CBN.

“Several months went by,” added Jacob, “and I decided that it would be nice if we didn’t have that gorilla on our back, and wouldn’t it be nice if we paid it all off?”

It was also during their first year together that the couple learned about tithing at church.

“You know when you’re not tithing, in your mind all your money’s yours,” said Tiffany. “Ten percent is a lot of money. It really is. So to go from nothing to ten percent is a huge deal. It was scary, it was definitely scary”

Right after they started tithing, what had started out as a hobby for Tiffany hobby, quickly turned into a business!

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Tiffany Hopwood is the VP of Fisical Affairs and is an alumnae of Epsilon. She is a graduate of University of Texas, Arlington.