The Economic Contribution of the MWAA Executive Summary | Page 2

An overview of the Airports Authority's contribution to the Virginia-Maryland-Washington, DC region in 2017 $23.6 billion of economic output If all this economic activity were consolidated to one publicly traded company, it would rank #123 on the Fortune 500 $1.1 billion of state and local taxes $14.4 billion of regional GDP $3.0 million a day flowed to local tax authorities A contribution of $39.4 million per day Enough to educate 87,000 students across the region for one year x 4 That's equivalent to the 6th largest city in Virginia 187,200 jobs Enough to fill FedEx Field, Nationals Park, the U.S. Naval Academy’s Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, and DC United’s Audi Field combined Output represents the value of sales (i.e., revenues) that are ultimately attributable to transportation activity overseen by the Airports Authority. GDP is the difference between those revenues and their non-labor input costs.